How Much Does a Potbelly Pig Cost—and How Do I Get One?

Looking for a unique pet? A pot-bellied pig may be for you. These animals are intelligent and lovable but also a big responsibility. Before you learn all about caring for your pig, you need to know where to get one and how much it’ll cost. 

Finding Your Pot-Bellied Pig 

While you may have found your dog at the local animal shelter, you probably won’t be able to find a pot-bellied pig there. Luckily, there are many organizations that you can find from a simple web search that sell pigs. Before adopting a pig, there are certain things to think about. 

  • Do you have space for it? 
  • Will you mind the smell? 
  • Do you have the resources for food and vet care? 

If you think you’re ready for the commitment then check out these places. 

  • Local farms – many have pigs ready for sale 
  • Online livestock exchanges – there are many sites like Farmia where you can buy/sell all different kinds of livestock. 
  • Pet Sanctuary – Check out any local pet sanctuaries that have rescued animals from inhumane living conditions with the intent to rehabilitate and re-home them. 

Cost of Potbelly Pig

While a pet pig may seem really cute it’s essential to know how much it costs to make sure you can afford it and provide a good home. 

In general, the cost of potbelly pig can range anywhere from $600-$800. The price usually includes vaccinations and a general health certificate and can even include spaying/neutering. Of course, each sanctuary or farm may be different but that’s at least a general price estimate. 

You may also be expected to pay more for transportation or shipping if you live out of state so be sure to check with the seller before deciding. Many times sellers will give a discounted price if you adopt more than one. All financial terms should be decided upon up-front before you go any further. 

Squealing with Delight

As with any animal adoption, it’s best to do your research and be prepared before you make your decision. Pets are for life and bringing one into your home should bring you much joy.