What’s Involved in Caring for a Potbelly Pig?

Pot-bellied pigs can make great pets. They are naturally clean and highly intelligent. As with any pet, it is important to do your research about caring for a potbelly pig before adding one to your family. Pot-bellied pigs can reach up to 110 pounds and 20 inches tall when fully grown, so plan for that before bringing home a baby. 

Pot-bellied pigs thrive as indoor pets but do enjoy the opportunity to be outside. If you do allow your pig outdoors, it is important to set up a pen that has shade and protection from the elements. Pot-bellied pigs are not able to efficiently cool themselves in hot weather, leaving them susceptible to heatstroke. 

It is also important that your pig has access to clean, cool drinking water at all times. A pot-bellied pig that develops dehydration can become ill with what is known as salt toxicity. Once this condition develops, it is important to re-hydrate your pig slowly or they may develop even more complicated health problems. 

There are commercial feeds available for your pot-bellied pig. These are a much better choice than putting together a homemade blend. Adult pot-bellied pigs are prone to obesity, and commercial feeds are designed with that in mind. A commercial blend will provide all of the nutrients your pig needs to stay healthy without providing a large number of calories. 

Pot-bellied pigs do not require much in the way of grooming. They have hair, rather than fur, and typically have one shedding cycle a year, which lasts about a week. Their hooves require trimming to keep them in good shape. Your veterinarian can do this, and many will show you how to do it as well. It is a simple process and painless for the pig. Mature pot-bellied pigs may develop tusks. If yours does, they will need to be trimmed as well. 

Pot-bellied pigs make wonderful pets. They learn quickly and never forget what they learn, so it is important not to spoil them when they are young. Generally, do not allow your baby pig to do anything you wouldn’t want an adult pig doing. Caring for a potbelly pig is fun and rewarding. The lifespan of a pot-bellied pig is about 15 years, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy your companion.